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Pond Aeration Windmills from Beckermills!
Aerate your pond harnessing the power of the wind!
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Save $ 500 on our  Deluxe 20' Aeration Windmill Kit!
Priced at Just $2,076


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Aerate Your Pond Using Free Wind Power

Improve Water Quality

Have Open Water in the Winter Time

No pond owner wants to see their water quality deteriorate. 
Yet without proper maintenance all ponds develop water quality problems.

New 5 Year  Limited Warranty!

Electric Pond Aerator Kit
Prices start at under  $600!
This 1/4 HP electric aerator can aerate a pond up to 1 acre in 12' - 18' deep water, or it can aerate a pond up to 1 1/2 acres in 18' - 20' deep water.
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